State Fire Marshal's Office reports few fireworks injuries | News

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State Fire Marshal's Office reports few fireworks injuries

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER )-- The State's Fire Marshal's office was surprised by the low number of injuries after fourth of July celebrations.

This was the first year residents could legally light off fireworks in most communities.

Sergeant Timothy York with the State Fire Marshal's Office said he expected a busier night for emergency services. York said, "Parents here have never been exposed to legal fireworks. So the parents don't have any knowledge or basis and so the kids don't have any basis. We are kind of learning as we go here," said Sergeant York.

A Charlestown woman was treated for minor burns on her leg after having a backyard fireworks show of her own.

"They actually were trying to do everything right, they had buckets of water and away but it just appears the device malfunctioned which can happen unfortunately," warned York. "It caught her pants on fire and she was treated and released."

The Eastern Maine Medical Center's emergency room saw little action.

Doctor Scott Thomas with EMMC's Emergency room said, "I would call it a fairly quiet day."

According to Thomas, the hospital did not make any additional preparations or hold additional training in response to the holiday.

Saint Joseph Hospital tells us they also had no fireworks related injuries in the emergency room last night.