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Student documentary about depression and anxiety

HERMON, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Anxiety and depression are two issues that many teenagers deal with on a daily basis. Tonight at the Gracie Theater, Acadia Hospital will present the film "The Road Back" that showcases two students who deal with depression and anxiety.

The person responsible for bringing these characters to life is Faith Bishop. Bishop wrote and directed the film. She said it took her about four months to write, but she said has dealt with depression and anxiety issues which made it easier to write the script.

"Those were basically my own thoughts and feelings at times that I had felt. So it really made it a lot easier for me to write it having dealt with it," Bishop said.

Bishop was not the only student in the film that dealt with these issues. Josh Devou plays the role of Christian who suffers from anxiety.

"I've had anxiety attacks and panic attacks and it's something I kind of used to help my character," Devou said.

And Natalie Johnson plays the role of Allie who suffers from depression.

"I've had experiences with depression. I was clinically depressed for three years. I never received treatment for it but I pulled through it on my own and it made it easier to portray her," Johnson said.

Because these three students have dealt with these issues in the past, they hope that the people who see this movie will be more aware of what teenagers who suffer from depression and anxiety go through.

"I hope they start a conversation about these issues. Depression and anxiety are issues that often time's people don't want to talk about, but they need to be talked about," Devou said.

"It is a real thing and it is something that needs to be addressed," Johnson said.

"I want them to know that it's alright. I also want people to be less judgmental of people with depression and anxiety and reduce the social stigmas," Bishop said.

According to Bishop, funding for this project started about two years ago and she got involved with story developers over the summer. Now she cannot wait for the big premier.

"We get to watch the movie and I'm just really excited about it," Bishop said.

The film will premier tonight at the Gracie Theater but tickets for the showing are sold out.