Dube trial continues for third day despite I-95 accident

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Despite a delay caused by Wednesday morning's accident, the murder trial of Kyle Dube continued for a shortened time in the afternoon.

Much of Wednesday's testimony focused on how police began collecting physical evidence after Cable disappeared.

Court actually began with Dube's mother, brother and father taking the stand without the jury present. They were asked about a pair of graphic images found on a laptop investigators took from the Dube's home. The images show young women, one bound with duct tape, who have been sexually assaulted. Dube's mother, father and brother all denied seeing these images before.

All other testimony happened with jurors in the room and focused on a shoe, sock and sweatshirt investigators said belonged to Cable. They were found in the area where she disappeared.

At least 75 vehicles involved in I-95 pileup

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- At least 75 vehicles were involved in a pileup on I-95 Tuesday morning that inured 17 people, said Maine State Police.

"I'm absolutely shocked we don't have any fatalities," said Maine State Police Lt. Hashey.

The crash happened around 7:30 a.m. Tuesday in Carmel and shutdown both northbound lanes on the major highway. The crash involved many cars, a school bus and tractor trailers. None of the students in the school bus were injured. There was about three inches of fresh snow on the ground in the Bangor area Tuesday.

Bangor Firefighter Injured in John Bapst Fire thanks well-wishers

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Less than a week after he was injured in the line of duty, Bangor Firefighter John York is speaking out about his injuries, recovery and the outpouring of support he's received.

York was injured when a section of roof fell on him while he was fighting a fire at John Bapst Memorial High School last Wednesday. Tuesday, he told a crowd of supporters and media gathered at Central Fire Station that he is doing much better. He suffered a concussion, sprained wrist and neck and several contusions, but is on the mend. He said that he was grateful for the well-wishes he received.

EMMC gets slammed with extra winter cost

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Freezing rain, blizzard conditions or sleet doesn't detour Eastern Maine Medical Center from closing and the hospital has a routine in place, so employees don't have to fight the snow squalls and blustery conditions.

"I would be fearful all day during the day thinking about my ride home. And I would be constantly worried and it would probably affect my patient care, so to know that they will provide that (the hotel) I don't worry all day and my patient care is better for it," said Larrabee.

Officials want the staff to be able to focus on their jobs and not stress about transportation. The hospital provides taxi services for those in the Bangor area or hotels for staff members who live out of the area.

Trial starts for man accused of luring teenage girl to death

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The trial began Monday for a young man that is accused of killing a 15-year-old girl in May 2013 in Old Town. Investigators said in court that Kyle Dube wanted to be a hero in the eyes of his victim, Nichole Cable.

Dube is charged with kidnapping and murder in the death for Cable. The prosecutor told jurors this morning that Dube choked the 15-year-old, wrapped her in duct tape and disposed of her body near a dam in Old Town.

Investigators said Dube told witnesses he planned to kidnap Cable, hide her, then later find her and become the hero. They said he did that by setting up a fake Facebook account using the Name "Brian Butterfield," another man that the victim knew. Investigators traced the Butterfield account to Dube's home.

Judge rules on motions in Dube murder trial

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A judge issued rulings in a number of motions filed in the Kyle Dube murder trial Friday, including using the possibility of a alternate suspect in trial.

Dube is charged with the kidnapping and murder of 15-year-old Nichole Cable in May of 2013. The states argues that Dube lured Cable to her death using Facebook.

Dube's defense team wanted to name Kim Messinger, Dube's former girlfriend, as an alternate suspect in the trial, but the judge sided with prosecutors and ruled against allowing that suspect. Justice ann Murray cited a lack of compelling evidence.

The judge decided to allow into the trial a written statement Dube gave to another inmate. The defense had argued that since that inmate represented himself as a lawyer to Dube, that it should be protected by attorney client privilege, but the judge disagreed.

Crews try to fix damage at John Bapst in time for class

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Repair crews are racing to fix the damage from a fire at John Bapst High School before students return from February vacation, but supervisors said they can do it.

Fire crews responded to a blaze at John Bapst High School Wednesday afternoon. The fire was caused by maintenance workers using an open flame to de-ice the roof. The fire spread from the roof and caused damage to the science labs and the ceiling of the auditorium.

The most immediate challenge work crews faced after the fire was getting the roof fixed before Thursday morning's snow storm. Crews worked through the night until 3 a.m. to reconstruct the damaged roof and make it water tight. Thursday's focus was drying out the building to prevent damage to the auditorium's original plaster work.