Victims mother testifies in Christmas day murder trial

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Hilary Saenz's mother testified Tuesday morning in the trial against her daughter's husband, Christopher Saenz. Saenz is charged with killing Hilary on Christmas Day back in 2013.

Police say Christopher Saenz beat his wife because he suspected she was having an affair. Hilary's mother, Kathy Brown, said she used to be in regular contact with her daughter, either by the phone or texting. Brown said the month of December, the month Hilary was killed, things changed. Brown testified that she didn't hear from Hilary in the weeks before she died, except a brief phone call on Christmas Day. After that, Brown said the next call was from Saenz, telling her that Hilary died. Brown said he was "everywhere with his story" and said something didn't feel right.

Bangor's Memorial Day parade draws hundreds

(NEWS CENTER) -- Hundreds lined the streets Monday to watch Bangor's Memorial Day parade wind through downtown. Veterans from World War Two to the Global War on Terror all marched with various other groups along the half mile route.

The parade ended at the USS Maine Monument where a wreath laying ceremony was held. It's also an emotional day for veterans who have those currently serving on their minds.

Maine Troop Greeters remember those they have lost

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Memorial Day isn't until Monday, but Fridaythe Maine Troop Greeters remembered 10 of their own who passed away in the last year.

Troop Greeters and loved ones gathered at the Bangor International Airport Friday morning for a Memorial Brick Dedication Ceremony. Ten bricks bearing the names of nine late troop greeters and one service dog were added to the Maine Troop Greeter Memorial Walkway.

"They were so dedicated to what they did. Coming out here long after their health was so bad they shouldn't be out here. They just gave so much," said troop greeter Dusty Fisher about his late friends.

Medical examiner for defense testifies in Christmas day murder trial

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Day five of the murder trial against Christopher Saenz began Friday morning with the defense calling their first witness, Dr. David Fowler. Dr. Fowler is a medical examiner for Maryland who reviewed autopsy report and medical records of 29-year-old Hilary Saenz. The State has not yet rested their case, but defense witnesses were still called to testify for scheduling purposes.

Saenz has been accused of killing his wife back on Christmas day 2013. The trial began with the State calling Saenz's two children as key witnesses. In their testimony they explained several instances in which their father was physically and mentally abusive to their mother. Several of Hilary's neighbors and co-workers also testified against Saenz, they described Hilary's mental and physical state the days leading up to Hilary's death.

Boston man gets prison for taking 3 to work as prostitutes

BANGOR, Maine (AP) -- Federal prosecutors said a 28-year-old Boston man has been sentenced to nearly four years in prison for aiding and abetting the interstate transportation of women for prostitution.

U.S. Attorney Thomas Delahanty said Fritz Blanchard was sentenced Thursday in U.S. District Court to 46 months in prison. Blanchard will also serve three years of supervised release. He was found guilty during a four-day jury trial in August.

Prosecutors said Blanchard and another man advertised the services of two women from Presque Isle and Portland using the Internet. The men drove the women and another Portland woman from Portland to Boston intending that the three work there as prostitutes.

Prosecutors said one of the women feigned illness when she learned what was expected of her, separated herself and called police.

Christmas day murder trial enters its fourth day

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Day four of testimonies in the Christopher Saenz murder trial began Thursday morning with medical experts for both sides expected to take the stand.

The first witness of the morning was Dr. Margaret Greenwald, a retired medical examiner who showed the court photos of Hilary, post-mortem. The photos showed her with multiple bruises throughout her body, all in different stages of healing. Dr. Greenwald testified that all of the bruises she had sustained were due to blunt force trauma. She also noted the top of Hilary's head where there were multiple contusions insider her skull, along with tearing. Dr. Greenwald stated those indicated blunt force.

Man accused of killing wife was on drugs the day of her death

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Christopher Saenz, accused of killing his wife on Christmas day in 2013, admitted in a video recording to detectives that he had injected himself with Subutex the day his wife died.

Saenz said he used the drug to keep him from getting "dopesick." He admitted his wife didn't like that but she would rather him do that than heroin.

According to a video shown in court, Saenz had agreed to do a reenactment showing the moments before his wife's death. In that video Saenz said his wife, Hilary, went into the bedroom before taking a shower, breathing heavily and then just collapsed. He said he then tried to wake her up, but did not call 911 right away because he thought he'd be in trouble since she had a black eye from a physical altercation days prior.