Sarah Courtney pleads no contest, accepts plea agreement

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A woman from Orrington charged with causing a deadly car crash was back in a Bangor courtroom Thursday to accept a plea agreement.

Prosecutors said Sarah Courtney was driving her truck in Hampden back in April 2013 with Sarah Eason in the passenger's seat when she lost control and crashed, killing Eason.

The Penobscot District Attorney said Courtney's blood alcohol level was 0.14, nearly twice the legal limit. Witnesses reported the two women had been bar hopping in the hours leading up to the crash.

On Thursday, Courtney entered no contest to manslaughter and OUI charges. She will serve 10 years in prison with all but two and a half suspended, followed by four years probation.

Affidavit: Priest admits to touching boys

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Father Adam Metropoulos of St. George Greek Orthodox Church in Bangor admitted to investigators that he inappropriately touched two teenage boys five years ago at his home. He also admitted to recording two women showering at his home over the years. This information is from a police affidavit filed in the case.

According to one police officer's statement, "Mr. Metropoulos told me that while the boys were sleeping, he felt both of them in the genital areas..."

Metropoulos was arrested Saturday for allegedly recording a woman in the shower. He is charged with violation of privacy and possession of child pornography, which police said they seized after searching his computers.

Winter ticks cause decrease in moose hunting permits

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Winter ticks have caused the largest change in the number of moose hunting permits in 10 years. This year's number of moose hunting permits is around 3,000, down from 4,110 permits last year.

State moose biologists monitor the winter tick population by counting the number of ticks on each moose harvested in the hunting season. According to Inland Fisheries and Wildlife officials, more cows and calves than normal were lost to winter ticks this past winter, pushing the department to decrease the amount of cow hunting permits for the 2014 moose hunting season. Winter ticks cluster by the tens of thousands on moose and feed on them throughout the winter, causing severe health problems for moose.

Man arrested for allegedly touching child

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Bangor Police arrested and charged a 66-year-old man Tuesday after an investigation revealed he allegedly sexually assaulted a child.

On Sept. 8, a guardian reported to Bangor Police that a child admitted Herbert Conway of Bangor had inappropriately touched him/her. Detectives investigated the claim and arrested Conway Tuesday.

Officials took him to Penobscot County Jail and charged him with unlawful sexual contact Class D. Police said the investigation is still ongoing and they welcome information from any who know Conway.

St. George Church leaders react to arrest of Father Metropoulos

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- News of the arrest of Father Adam Metropoulos on possession of child pornography and violation of privacy charges stunned members of St. George Greek Orthodox Church. There are about 90 families that make up the church parish.

Lee Speronis is the president of the nine member church council. He said he spent most of Monday night on the phone with other council members. He wouldn't comment on the criminal investigation, but said that the church council would be moving Thursday's regularly scheduled meeting to Tuesday night so they could address the arrest and how to move forward.

Code violations at The Grove cause concerns

ORONO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The giant drinking parties at the Grove has worried town officials, but at a meeting Monday night they discussed that it's not just wild behavior that's the problem, but also unfixed code violations.

According to the Orono Police Chief, the town inspector has been inspecting the apartment complex on a regular basis since early August and has found multiple violations, many of which have not been addressed. The Grove will have to pay the town between $100 and $2,500 in penalties per violation for every day the problems continue to go unfixed. This could bring the total out to be anywhere from $28,000 to more than $600,000 in penalties.

Greek Orthodox priest accused of video taping an unsuspecting woman in the shower

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A Bangor area Greek Orthodox priest was arrested Monday afternoon after a woman claimed he video taped her in the shower. Adam Metropoulos, 52, is charged with violation of privacy and possession of child pornography.

The investigation began Saturday when the woman reported the alleged video taping to Bangor Police detectives. Sgt. Tim Cotton said she was in the shower she she looked across the bathroom and saw what seemed to be a camera in a basket on a wall. She then exited the shower and examined the basket.

"It, in fact, was a camera and was, in fact, recording her activity in the shower," said Sgt. Cotton.

Bangor Police interviewed Metropoulos and searched his home where police said they found child pornography. They seized computer equipment, hard drives, memory cards and disks.