EMAN joins with Down East AIDS Network

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Down East AIDS Network and Health Equity Alliance, also known as DEAN+HEAL, has officially combined with EMAN- Eastern Maine AIDS Network.

The two organizations decided to pool their staff and resources to better serve the Maine community facing AIDS and HIV. In addition to DEAN and HEAL's health equity centers in Ellsworth, Machias, and Calais, a new center has opened it's doors in Bangor and will serve six communities. Now that EMAN is a part of DEAN+HEAL, the organization is hoping to do more with the combined funding.

"We're working with the funders to see what's going on, but because we're the only organization up in this area," said Sean Weber, the deputy director of the organization. "So therefore we're hoping that it will work for our benefit that we'll be getting increased funding."

Belfast man reaches plea deal for murder charge

BELFAST, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Belfast man charged with killing a woman and wounding her son with a shot gun back in August of 2013 has changed his plea. Todd Gilday pleaded guilty to all charges Monday morning just weeks before his trial was set to begin.

Gilday's attorney Philip Cohen said, "Based upon the evaluations and reports he just determined it was better to accept responsibility and plea to the charges."

Back in October Gilday originally pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

Gilday told the judge on Monday, however, he was responsible for the death of Lynn Arsenault and the attempted murder of Matthew Day.

Cohen said, "I think it was an unfortunate situation. I don't think our client ever expected to find himself in that situation, but based on other sentences around the state I think it was a fair agreement."

C&L Aerospace officially opens in Bangor

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- A $30 million dollar company left Augusta and officially opened in Bangor.

C&L Aerospace, an aircraft parts and maintenance company, had a ribbon cutting ceremony at its new facility at Bangor International Airport Thursday. Although the facility has been in use for the past few months, Thursday marked all business officially operating out of Bangor.

CEO Chris Kilgour moved C&L from Australia to Maine in 2010 when the company bought Telford Aviation in Augusta and continued to work out of that building. Four years later, the company moves to it's new five million dollar Bangor facility which is three times the size of its old building in Augusta. When it started in the U.S., C&L employed 20 people and now boasts 120 Maine based employees.

Remembering Bangor police chief Don Winslow

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Hundreds gathered at the visiting hours for former Bangor Police Chief Don Winslow Wednesday, who lost his battle to cancer July 10. He spent his life serving the public; Winslow was the Bangor Chief for nearly ten years, retiring in 2007. His wife Dora Winslow said he was a man full of life that woke up every morning on a mission to make a difference.

Former Bangor Police Chief and close friend Ron Gastia said Winslow put his heart in everything that he did and treated people fairly.

Combat Wounded Veteran works to help veterans and their families with reintegration.

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Staff Sergeant Travis Mills was serving in Afghanistan when an IED exploded causing him to lose all four of his limbs. Two years later and Mills is using his story to motivate other veterans. Travis approaches his story with a sense of humor.

Travis is not shy and has made a lot of friends along the way to help make his dream a reality; The Travis Mills' Project. It is a non-profit organization, aimed at benefiting and assisting wounded and injured veterans and their families.

Travis said, "For the veterans I think guys go home and it is not the same. When they went home from world war two and they had 30 or 40 guys from the same town. Now, you go home and you have maybe two or three because the war is not as big anymore."

2 dead in head-on crash in Brewer

BREWER, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Two people are dead and four people seriously injured after a head-on collision on North Main Street in Brewer.

Traffic is being detoured.

Bangor City Council rejects line-item veto proposal

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- The Bangor City Council has rejected a measure that would have given it line-item veto power over the school budget.

The council was deciding whether to hold a public hearing on the proposal, which would have allowed council members to make specific changes to the school budget before it went to a public vote.

Community members had a lot to say about it, and ultimately, the council decided in a 6-3 vote that the idea wasn't worth pursuing.

So now, nothing changes. The city council only has the power to approve or reject the total amount of the school budget, not any individual items.