UNO’s Hosts Fundraiser for Local Autistic Boy | Events

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UNO’s Hosts Fundraiser for Local Autistic Boy

UNO Chicago will host a dough raiser on Thursday January 31st to raise money to purchase a service dog for a local teen with Autism. Bradley is a loving, energetic 13 year old that is non-verbal and unaware of danger. In order to live his life to the fullest, a service dog is needed to assist him.

With the support of his family and their church, United Baptist, a fundraiser is set to be held at UNO Chicago Grill in Bangor on Thursday January 31st, from 11 am to 12:30 am. Interested parties must have a fundraiser voucher presented with their bill. Up to 20% of all sales with the voucher will be donated to Bradley’s Service Dog fund to help reach the $3,000 goal. Vouchers may be requested by visiting United Baptist Church, emailing or

Any questions, donations, or inquiries can be made by emailing or calling Sarah at 207-947-5000 or by contacting Bradley’s mother, Melissa Seavey at 207-631-3804.