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Keep Bees and Save the World!
Keep Bees and Save the World!


Albert Einstein is reputed to have said, “If bees should disappear from the face of the earth, mankind would follow within four years.”

Haunting words considering the trouble honeybees have been having in recent years.

“Pollinators, and honeybees in particular, are critical to our food supply,” says Peter Cowin, aka “The Bee Whisperer”. “It’s in all of our best interest that more people keep honeybees and take a long hard look at what we can do to keep them well fed.”

Fortunately, there are a lot of people now doing just that. Keeping bees is a hobby more and more Mainers are getting into. “Two years ago I was asked by Orono and Hampden Adult Ed. to give evening classes in Beekeeping for Beginners. More than 70 students took the classes and most started their first bee hives that year. Last year this grew to include Adult Ed. in Bangor, Ellsworth, Hampden, Bucksport, Newport and Mount Dessert Island, with more than 270 taking my class!”

Beekeeping for beginners classes are an introduction to keeping honeybees. Students learn some basic honeybee biology and life history, how the hives of up to 100,000 bees work, grow and reproduce. They learn where the beekeeper can buy bees and the necessary equipment, how to care for the bees, how to control mites, and obtain a surplus of honey. “Some students just want to learn more about honeybees and how they can help them. Some have gardens or farms they would like to be more productive and would also like to make some honey. Others are just fascinated by bees and want to experience being so intimately connected with nature that you can only find inside a busy bee hive.”

Peter is now also giving Intermediate beekeeping classes. These classes take a more in depth view of beekeeping and how to gain the most from the hives. This includes producing stronger hives which make more honey, dividing or combining colonies, producing nucs, swarm control and capture, colony relocation and environmental management for increased health and production.

Peter is giving even more Beginner and Intermediate classes in more locations this year.  Between now and June he will be giving classes in:

Bucksport  Beginners Wednesdays Jan 21, 28 Feb 4 call 207-469-2129

Bangor Beginners Monday Jan 26 Feb 2, 9 call 207 992-5522

Ellsworth  Beginners Tuesdays Jan 27, Feb 3, 10  207.664.7110

Hampden Beginners Mondays Feb 23, Mar 2, 9 call 207 862 6422   

Newport Beginners Tuesdays Feb 24, Mar 3, 10 call 207-368-3290

Bucksport  Intermediate Wednesdays Feb 25, Mar 4, 11 call 207-469-2129

Howland Beginners  Mondays Mar 30, April 6, 13 207-732-8361

Ellsworth  Intermediate Tuesdays Mar 31, April 7, 14  207.664.7110

Sullivan  Beginners   Wednesdays  March 25, April 1 and 8 422-4794 

Bangor   Intermediate Monday April 27, May 4, 11 call 207 992-5522

Newport  Intermediate Tuesdays April 28, May 5, 12 call 207-368-3290

Orono  Beginners Wednesdays April29, May 6, 13 207-866-4119

Pittsfield  Beginners Mondays May 18, June 5, 12 207-487-5145

Belfast  Beginners Tuesdays May 19, 26 June 2 207-338-3197

Hampden  Intermediate  Wednesdays  May 20, 27 June 3 call 207 862 6422


For more information about Peter or his classes you can check out The Bee Whisperer on facebook, check his website or call 207 299 6948.