Bangor-Brewer Trails Day to Include Tree Planting Ceremony | Events

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Bangor-Brewer Trails Day to Include Tree Planting Ceremony
Bangor-Brewer Trails Day to Include Tree Planting Ceremony


Pulse Marketing Agency is joining the Bangor and Brewer Land Trusts, the City of Bangor, and the City of Brewer for Bangor-Brewer Trails Day on Saturday, May 31, to celebrate the communities’ waterfront trails.  Beginning at the Bangor Waterfront at 10:00AM, various kid-friendly activities and displays will be held, as well as a walk and bike across the Joshua Chamberlain Bridge to the Brewer Children’s Garden, where everyone will be able to enjoy a cool treat from Darling’s Ice Cream Truck!

As part of a full morning of activities, Pulse Marketing Agency will be planting 5 Common Snowball Viburnums in celebration of 5 years of business in the Bangor Community—called the Trees for Bees Campaign. These trees will provide food for area pollinators, thus promoting a healthy environment.

Lucy Quimby, President of Bangor Land Trust and co-founder of the organization, says, “Bangor and Brewer are blessed with gorgeous river-front and the middle of the Chamberlain Bridge has some of the best views of both communities. This is a great opportunity to get together with friends for a walk that will energize you. We’re especially grateful to Cíntia Miranda for Pulse Marketing’s Trees for Bees project. Pulse Marketing is donating five pollinator-friendly trees, the Common Snowball Viburnum, to be planted around Bangor to help support the bees and other pollinators on whom we depend for the production of many of our area’s food crops.”

 “One of the big things right now is 'Quality of Life,'” says Mayor Ben Sprague, who will be attending Bangor-Brewer Trails Day, “What better aspect of Quality of Life than the outdoor opportunities and recreational activities that make Bangor and Brewer such special places to live, work, and play. Sometimes we take our trails, parks, and waterways for granted, but they really do make the greater Bangor region a wonderful place to be. Not only do they provide peaceful opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, they also help give us a chance to exercise and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. The trails and other recreational activities are one of the main reasons why I enjoy living in Bangor and they are certainly an important aspect of our overall quality of life.”  

Linda Johns, Brewer Land Trust, says, “The Penobscot River is a beautiful asset for both Brewer and Bangor and should continue to be embraced. The scenic flowing river is not only relaxing to look upon but also utilized for recreational and commercial opportunities. Conservation and environmental efforts have increased as well as the fish population, all improving the quality of the river for future generations. Join us as we celebrate the Penobscot River and Trails Day!

“Pulse was born in Downtown Bangor 5 years ago,” says Cíntia Miranda, President and Founder of Pulse Marketing Agency, “This community embraced us and helped us grow. We wanted to celebrate our 5th year in business by giving back to the community during the five months preceding our anniversary. We’re beginning by planting 5 trees in Bangor; each tree symbolizes a year of business. We also have other gifts for the community coming up in June, July, August, and September.”

Other fun activities for the day include a scavenger hunt to help Captain Jack recover his treasure of gold coins, face painting, demonstration of basic bike safety and mechanics, trails displays, and more! There is no cost or registration, just come join the fun! For more information, please contact Lucy Quimby at (207)356-5954, or


Bangor Land Trust is a local non-profit organization that currently owns and conserves over 800 acres of land with public access in the Bangor area. Their mission is to protect for public benefit land and water in the Bangor region that have special ecological, natural, scenic, agricultural, or recreational significance; and increase public understanding of the value of land and water conservation.

Brewer Land Trust’s mission is to cooperatively protect and preserve the natural and scenic resources of the City of Brewer and State of Maine, to encourage open space and green areas, to increase public awareness and understanding of the importance in conservation of natural resources and the interrelationships that exist among them, and to foster a trail system connecting to public areas and regional trails with all of the above for the enjoyment and benefit of present and future generations.


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