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Make an Appointment at Giggey Girl Gowns
Make an Appointment at Giggey Girl Gowns

Giggey Girl Gowns is Taking Appointments!

We know that everyone has very busy schedules! We also know that Saturday's are usually very busy for people as well! That's why Giggey Girl Gowns is now open for appointments!

If you can not make it to the Community of Christ Church on a Saturday through May 14th, then you can schedule an appointment for anytime durring the year! Remember that Giggey Girl Gowns is open to give dresses for any sort of dress for any sort of formal occasion!

To make an appointment, you can email me at , or call me and leave a message at 207-902-2421 ! We can then work out a day that we are both free and can meet up so that you can get your dream dress! If you would like to see pictures of any of the dresses before you come, you can email me as well, and I can email you pictures of dresses in the style and size that you are looking for!

Don't forget that our dresses are 100% free, we have dresses in sizes 2-22, and in all colors and styles! We are sure that we an find you and absolutely amazing dress that you will love! We haven't had one group of people walk away without atleast one dress!

We thank you so much for all of the support we have gotten so far and we can only hope that we can help more girls in our Community!

We also have a suit jacket, and a full suit, so if you are a boy that is in need of a tux, or know someone who is, then send them to Giggey Girl Gowns today! And don't forget about our wonderful selection of raffle items, jewlery, and shoes we have in stock to provide you with a nearly free prom experience!