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Beading (and Other Crafts) Bee
Beading (and Other Crafts) Bee

Remember the old-fashioned quilting and sewing bees? Silver Willow Gallery has revived the bee, in a new form – the Beading (and Other Crafts) Bee. The first meeting will be on Thurs., Sept. 13, at the Gallery, 115 Main St., Winterport, starting at 5pm when the store closes, until 8pm. People may drop in whenever they want and stay as long as they like.

The Bee will be a social gathering where people may work on their current crafts projects, whether they’re beading or jewelry-related, crochet, knitting, embroidery – anything that is portable – and give and receive help as needed. Sue Berryhill, the "coordinator" of the Bee, states, "Several people have expressed interest in this type of group. I’m looking forward to it, because I enjoy the socializing as well as helping others learn and improve their skills. I’ve done a lot of needlecrafts, besides beading and jewelry, so I think I’ll be able to help quite a few, and hope that some experts will come also!"

There is no cost for attending the Bee, and no need to pre-register. The Gallery has only a few chairs, however, so people may want to bring a folding chair if they have one.

For more information, please call the Gallery at 223-1075 or email .