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Hahnel Bros. Co.

For over nine decades, HBC has been keeping people warm, dry and clean. Since 1916 Hahnel Bros. Co. has been the premiere roofing and architectural sheet metal company in the state of Maine. From the beginning of low slope roof designs, we have been the company manufacturers turn to when introducing and promoting their products.

As the science of moving air for human comfort grew, Hahnel Bros. Co. adopted the technologies of the times to create the air moving duct systems needed to deliver air to make sure you are not too hot, or too cold. Whether the duct systems are used in offices, schools, paper mills, or manufacturing plants, HBC can design, fabricate and install them. All to keep you warm, cool, dry and clean.

Our ability to work with natural materials (slate, wood, metal, copper, etc.) as well as man-made materials (EPDM, TPO, PVC, Asphalt, etc.) sets us apart from the competition. Our construction and fabrication capabilities are virtually unlimited.

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We maintain over 250,000 pounds of ferrous and non-ferrous inventory and 100,000 square feet of roofing membrane, ready for your order.


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