Two suspects indicted in Bangor triple homicide

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Police in Maine are seeking two men from Rhode Island and Massachusetts in the deaths of three people whose bodies were found in a burning car in Bangor. Both men have a criminal history in Bangor.

Bangor Police Lt. Timothy Reid said Monday that 31-year-old Nicholas Sexton of Warwick, R.I., and 34-year-old Randall "Ricky" Daluz of Brockton, Mass., are considered armed and dangerous. Daluz also goes by the nickname, "Money."

"These two gentlemen have been indicted by the grand jury for three counts of murder and counts of arson. We consider them extremely dangerous. Until they are locked up I think everybody has reason to be worried," said Reid.

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Three Bangor area pharmacies robbed within hours

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- Another rash of pharmacy robberies happened in the Bangor area over the course of the day on Sunday. A suspect in one of the thefts was caught by police.

Bangor police arrested 46-year-old Jeffrey Macy of Eastbrook. Investigators say Macy went into the Rite Aid on Union Street in Bangor just before 4 p.m. He allegedly handed a note to the pharmacy clerk saying he had a weapon and wanted prescription drugs.

Just minutes earlier another Rite Aid pharmacy was robbed on Wilson Street in Brewer. Police say a suspect in that incident also made off with prescription drugs. A third robbery happened an hour later at a pharmacy inside a Hannaford grocery store in Bangor.

Rite Aid has had a number of its pharmacies in Maine robbed over the course of the year. Company officials say they're doing everything they can to prevent more.

New Children's Books at Winterport Memorial Library

The Winterport Memorial Library has just received a gift of 100 new children's books, ranging from pre-kindergarten through early readers.

These books were a donation from the Brownstone Book Fund, a private foundation in New York City, interested in fostering early reading, a love of books and encouraging parents and children to read together.

Come to the library and enjoy our new collection. The library is open Tues. 2-7, Wed. 9-2, Thur. 2-7, Fri. 9-4 and Sat. 9-12. If you have any questions, please call Mary Lester at 207-223-5540.

Heritage wheat - Part 1

Heritage wheat - Part 1

I went to the Common Ground Country fair in Unity, Maine about a week ago and was very excited to find some heritage wheat samples for sale!  This is important to me because previous attempts at organic grain raising have proved unsucessful.  Mostly this is because weed control is difficult and the weeds overtake the wheat.  Modern wheats are quite short, perhaps only 18 inches high, which makes them ideal for harvest by combine but lousy at shading out weeds.  Heritage varieties grow 3-4 feet in height and are excellent at shading out weeds!  I got my samples from an organization called  Check out thier website HERE!  I picked up two varieties.  Emmer is a very old Egyptian variety that is still grown in Africa and the Middle East.  Banatka is more of a Baltic variety.  I'm doing both for diversity.  What I must do with these samples is plant a small quantity with large spacin

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Two Rite Aid Pharmacies robbed simultaneously

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Two Rite Aid pharmacies, one in Bangor and another in Brewer, had attempted robberies occur at the same time.

The Rite Aid on Wilson Street in Brewer and the store on Union Street in Bangor were hit, allegedly by different parties.

Police are releasing no information at this time. They incidents are under investigation.

Bangor church celebrates 100 years

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- The Unitarian Universalist Society church celebrated one hundred years since the church was rebuilt after the Great Bangor Fire of 1911. The church was completely destroyed, but the congregation rebuilt it as close to the original structure as they could.

Sunday morning nearly one hundred and fifty members held a brief ceremony to remember what it took to rebuild the structure and the important role it played in the city.

Minister Becky Gunn said, "We have a longevity in this community that is so very important. The Universalist church in Bangor was the premier church. At one time it had over five hundred members and it would not have been the forward looking community, I think, if the church hadn't been here."

Fat Lady Hasn't Sung Yet - New MySpace and Stumbleupon

Fat Lady Hasn't Sung Yet - New MySpace and Stumbleupon


Ahhh social media where the conversation is mostly about Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn… not this week.

Two social media giants from the past are coming out in a big way this week with new designs and features and they are hoping to get their piece of the pie back – MySpace and Stumbleupon.

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