BARN doors open in Brewer Wednesday

BREWER, Maine (NEWS CENTER)--The headlines lately have been dominated by stories of pharmacy robberies, drug arrests, and the like.

Those who are on the front lines in this battle say that the only way to reverse this trend is to invest more in treatment programs. That's exactly what happened Wednesday in Brewer.

The Bangor Area Recovery Network, also known as BARN cut the ribbon Wednesday on its new recovery center on Center Street in Brewer.

It's 7 thousand square feet of space, with a lounge area, conference room, offices, and a kitchenette.

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Plymouth residents putting up a stink about local sewage plant

PLYMOUTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- A processing plant in Plymouth is causing quite a stink among residents. Some homeowners complain the stench coming from the plant is unbearable and forcing them to stay inside. 

Lisa Seavey of Plymouth described the smell, "Go to the ballgame in 93 degree weather..go in the port-a-potty stick your head in there and leave it there and that's what we smell constantly...You just have to experience it. Once you've experienced it you'll never forget it because it's an odor that will stay with you."

 Wednesday residents met with the Department of Environment Protection and the President of Soil Preparation Inc. to demand some changes. State Representative Ken Fredette helped organize the event.

Orrington boy seeks to raise 2,012 toys for kids in need

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- At a time when many kids are busy thinking about what they want for Christmas, one child from Orrington is trying to collect and give away hundreds of toys.

Last December 7-year-old Brayden Mott raised dozens of gifts to benefit 'Toys for Tots.' In all he and his family collected 322 toys. The second grader said he became driven to help kids in need after seeing a TV report on homelessness.

This year Brayden is mounting his campaign once again and trying to get a lot more toys. He wants to collect 2,012 toys by next Friday to support 'Toys for Tots' in Bangor.

Brayden says he realizes the goal is high but he's hoping the community will respond and he's already setting the bar higher for next Christmas.

"I really want to have a lot and get my goal higher than 322," he said, "and whatever I get this year I'm gonna try to get 20 times more than that."

Maine woman realizes cat she rescued is bobcat

BANGOR, Maine (AP) - Police in the Maine city of Bangor are warning people to be careful handling injured animals after a woman tried to rescue a cat that she had hit with her vehicle that turned out to be a bobcat.

Police say the female driver believed the cat was seriously injured or dead and placed it in her van just after midnight on Wednesday morning.

But while driving the cat became alert and she realized it was a bobcat.

The woman got out of the vehicle, followed by bobcat which went under the van.

Police used a catch pole to secure the animal until a game warden arrived. The game warden said the animal's injuries were so severe that it had to be euthanized.

Police say to be careful handling injured animals and recommend calling an animal control officer or game warden.



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Bangor casino adding craps to gambling mix

BANGOR, Maine (AP) - They'll soon be rolling the dice at the Hollywood Casino in Bangor.

The casino is adding craps to its offering of gambling options beginning Friday.

The casino has had slot machines since it opened as Maine's first casino in 2005, and added blackjack, poker and roulette earlier this year.

General Manager John Osborne says customers have been asking that craps be added to the mix.

Craps will officially debut at 5 p.m. Friday and will be open to play from 5 p.m. to closing on Fridays and Saturdays.

Osborne said the casino doesn't have enough craps dealers for the table to operate daily, but that could change next year after a new round of table games operators completes training courses at Eastern Maine Community College.



What You Should Know About Long-Term Care Insurance and Home Care

What You Should Know About Long-Term Care Insurance and Home Care

By the year 2020, less than ten years from now, an estimated 12 million people over the age of 65 will need long-term care in this country. Most will be cared for at home by family members. Read more.





Woman charged in theft of Glow in the Dark Toilet Seat

HOLDEN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --  A dispute over a $13 dollar glow in the dark toilet seat is at the center of a criminal case that could lead to a jury trial next week in District Court in Ellsworth. The Holden woman accused of the crime feels she has done nothing wrong, but prosecutors and the Ellsworth Antique store that sought the charges feel differently.  

Sheri Therrien was shopping with her husband and three kids last month at Big Chicken Barn Books and Antiques in Ellsworth. They got a glow in the dark toilet seat. The very next day, she says she noticed it was broken, so she called the store and asked if she could return it and says she was surprised by the answer from the store owner.