Combat Wounded Veteran works to help veterans and their families with reintegration.

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Staff Sergeant Travis Mills was serving in Afghanistan when an IED exploded causing him to lose all four of his limbs. Two years later and Mills is using his story to motivate other veterans. Travis approaches his story with a sense of humor.

Travis is not shy and has made a lot of friends along the way to help make his dream a reality; The Travis Mills' Project. It is a non-profit organization, aimed at benefiting and assisting wounded and injured veterans and their families.

Travis said, "For the veterans I think guys go home and it is not the same. When they went home from world war two and they had 30 or 40 guys from the same town. Now, you go home and you have maybe two or three because the war is not as big anymore."

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2 dead in head-on crash in Brewer

BREWER, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Two people are dead and four people seriously injured after a head-on collision on North Main Street in Brewer.

Traffic is being detoured.

NASA Selects Challenger Learning Center of Maine to Host Astronaut Appearance




Challenger Learning Center of Maine is holding an exciting week of summer camp for students entering grades 6-8 during the week of August 4-8, 2014. A highlight of their week will be connecting with a very special Maine native during their week of training: NASA astronaut Christopher J. Cassidy!

Astronaut Academy camp gives students the opportunity to learn about many aspects of astronaut life and training. They will learn about space travel, nourishment, mental and physical agility, and campers will prepare for and "fly" two missions at the Challenger Center in Bangor.

Bangor City Council rejects line-item veto proposal

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- The Bangor City Council has rejected a measure that would have given it line-item veto power over the school budget.

The council was deciding whether to hold a public hearing on the proposal, which would have allowed council members to make specific changes to the school budget before it went to a public vote.

Community members had a lot to say about it, and ultimately, the council decided in a 6-3 vote that the idea wasn't worth pursuing.

So now, nothing changes. The city council only has the power to approve or reject the total amount of the school budget, not any individual items.

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Where You Can Pick Blueberries in Maine

Where You Can Pick Blueberries in Maine

If you're looking for a farm that will let you pick your own blueberries, you're in luck because there are several in Maine. Most places are opening mid to late July, but some not until the first of August. If a farm has a website or Facebook page, I included a link. It's really important to check ahead to make sure a farm is open for picking. If you want to add someone/something ( e.g., if organic) or notice an error please let me know — you can send a comment at the end of the post. Read more ...

Choose Love, Not Fear: Joe Semmes' Top Ten List for Seriously Ill Cancer Patients

Choose Love, Not Fear:  Joe Semmes' Top Ten List for Seriously Ill Cancer Patients

In 1996, Dr. B. Joseph Semmes, who goes by the name Joe, learned that he had a type of cancer of the pancreas called pNET or pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors. Not only is it rare — seen in approximately one percent of pancreatic cancers and three in one million of all cancers diagnosed — it's also less aggressive than other pancreatic cancers and can often be cured. Read more ...

Hunger and Obesity: What’s The Connection?

 Hunger and Obesity: What’s The Connection?

Part two of a series on hunger in Maine.

In America there is an assumption that with girth comes wealth and that people who are food insecure or malnourished are also automatically thin. Let’s remember that food insecurity means lacking reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. Read more ...