Murder suspect's lawyers wants statements excluded from trial

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Lawyers for Kyle Dube, the man accused of kidnapping and killing a girl from Glenburn, went before a judge Thursday morning to ask that his statements to police be excluded from his trial.

Kyle Dube's trial begins next month. He's accused of killing 15 year-old Nichole Cable in Old Town in May of 2013 after kidnapping her, then claiming to stage her rescue.

Three witnesses testified in front of Nichole Cable's mother, Dube and his mother. They included two State Police detectives who questioned Dube during a three-day investigation after Cable disappeared. The other witness, Corrections Officer Robert Soucy, works for the Penobscot County Sheriff's office. He talked to Dube when he turned himself in for an unrelated driving offense.

Soucy told the judge he found Dube crying and that Dube told him quote, "it is what they don't know I've done that I'm worried about."

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Maine Discovery Museum awaits millionth customer

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Within the next few days, the Maine Discovery Museum will be welcoming in its one millionth customer, a milestone 14 years in the making.

The Bangor Chamber of Commerce said the largest children's' museum north of Boston is an economic driver to downtown Bangor. The Chamber of Commerce said it is an anchor business that draws people and other businesses to the area.

The Maine Discovery Museum's Director Niles Parker said that because the museum is a nonprofit often means the museum struggles financially. He hopes the museum will be around to see the next million visitors.

Getting lunch in a blizzard…not easy

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- For plow drivers, medical workers and other people who still have to go to work during a bad storm, finding a place to grab lunch was difficult Tuesday.

Only a handful of lunch stops were open in and around Bangor including Dysart's locations in Hermon and on Broadway in Bangor.

Major chain locations in the city, like Starbucks Coffee, Burger King and Pizza Hut, were all closed Tuesday due to the storm.

For the places that did open, it wasn't business as usual. At two of Bangor's three Subway sandwich locations, staff was cut down to just one person for the morning and evening shifts.

Hogan Road Deli was taking customers for sandwiches and other snacks too.

Blizzards and the Blues: Winter in New England

Blizzards and the Blues: Winter in New England

In the midst of winter — during a week in which three snow storms, one a possible blizzard, are predicted — do you long for spring? 

As I write this, it’s a cold, but beautiful day. The sun is shining and the sky is mostly blue with wispy strands of clouds. The calm before the storm. For some, the promise of a significant snowfall is reason to rejoice. It means skiing and snowmobiling and sledding and building snow forts. Others dread the thought of the driveway, sidewalks and roofs they’ll need to clear.

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Bill introduced to bring passenger rail back to Bangor

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- If Old Town State Representative Michelle Dunphy's bill gets enough votes, passenger trains could roar through Bangor once again.

However, upgrading the city's freight-bearing tracks to carry passengers won't be easy.

"I think it would be wonderful but we can't afford it," said Royce Wheeler, who worked for the Maine Central Railway for 37 years.

Wheeler remembers a time when mixed-freight and passenger trains used to turn a profit all over Maine. Now goods and people ride the rails separately and passenger train service is expensive to start and operate.

According to the Northern New England Passenger Rail Authority, the project could cost in excess of a million dollars per mile for track work alone.

100+ Women Who Care Southern Maine

100+ Women Who Care Southern Maine

100+ Maine women meet four times a year and each member writes a $50 check to a local charity they have voted on. Find out how you, too, can make a difference.

Positive forecast for Bangor-area development

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The forecast for development in the Bangor area has bright spots, but the ripple effect of paper mill closures may have a negative impact on the region's economy. The 2015 real estate forecast was presented Thursday at the Maine Real Estate and Development Association's annual forecast conference.

"The biggest impact comes in the confidence in the people that live in Bangor. Confidence allows people to take more risks than they haven't before," said Bev Uhlenhake, a broker with Epstein Commercial Real Estate.

The city's growing entertainment options and health care services are also affecting the economy in a positive light.